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God of War Includes Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet from Avengers Infinity War (Light Spoilers)

A Reddit user by the name Moxxxxxi has discovered a well-timed easter egg involving God of War and Avengers: Infinity War, the two hottest topics of choice for the entertainment industry.

This article may contain light spoilers of God of War’s end game so readers beware! The easter egg involves Kratos actually holding the Norse version of Thanos’ “Infinity Gauntlet.” God of War’s developers Santa Monica call it the “Shattered Gauntlet of Ages.” It gives Kratos the ability to shoot purple beam thingymabobs (actual name I swear) like our favorite (not really) genocide loving bad guy Thanos does in the movie. All you need is three of the following six Enhancements to be a part of the FULLY UPGRADED Gauntlet to have your fix of the purple beam shooty thingys (new official name):

  • Andvari’s Soul – Soul Stone
  • Njord’s Temporal Stone – Time Stone
  • Eye of the Outer Realm – Space Stone
  • Ivaldi’s Corrupted Mind – Mind Stone
  • Asgard’s Shard of Existence – Reality Stone
  • Muspelheim Eye of Power – Power Stone

Here’s the Gaunlet in action:



Some users on Reddit pointed out the description of the¬†“Shattered Gauntlet of Ages” actually matches the lore of the Marvel universe;

“An ancient relic of Hel deemed too powerful to remain whole, fragments of its former strength lie scattered throughout the realms…”

To think that the developers probably created this months before the movie’s release and now is when we’re finding out about this. One entertainment juggernaut referencing another; what a time to be alive. I’m secretly hoping that Thor’s Stormbreaker makes an electrifying appearance in the game through a patch (they’ve patched the game eight times since release); or maybe Kratos briefly appearing in Avengers 4. Time to get Marvel on the phone and demand them to create the Kratos/Avengers crossover we’ve always wanted… well actually come to think of it, Kratos wouldn’t play nice with Thor.