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Agony will have Tormented Souls Diving Deep into Hell

Take a moment to imagine the worst possible nightmare. Is it a rabid dog chasing you down an endless hallway? Perhaps it’s someone taking away everything you own. Or maybe its falling through a dark hole into the pits of Hell with no memory of your past. The latter is what happens in the upcoming survival-horror game, Agony, set to release on May 29th.

Agony – noun: extreme pain & mental suffering.

To put it simply, this is by far the most gruesome version of Hell I’ve ever seen in a video game. If I had to relate it to something, it would mostly be the Divine Comedy (Dante’s Inferno to those that have never heard of its full name). Filled with blood, gore, fire, and demons that would love to kill you over and over, this Hell is ready to make your tormented soul beg for its life. Agony’s  dramatic three minute story trailer isn’t afraid to show us this. From naked demons with deformed heads trying to seduce and kill the main protagonist, to a Red Goddess that wants you to inflict pain and spill blood for her, nothing makes sense in Madmind Studio’s version of Hell.



Speaking of the Red Goddess, she is the main reason for the protagonist’s journey. A naked and bloodthirsty woman with a wreath of flames above her head, she might be the only thing with a ticket out of Hell. The catch being the arduous journey to get to her, and the gruesome task she bestows upon you to satisfy her needs: wreak havoc and kill demons. At least, that’s what I’ve gotten from all the trailers.

The Red Goddess doesn’t seem like the type to simply say, “Don’t worry, grab this mystical object and I’ll let you go.” From what I’m thinking, and secretly hoping for, Agony will take unfortunate souls on a journey through all the planes of Hell. Battling and destroying all of it in hopes to appease the Red Goddess’ weird fetish for bloody entertainment. Perhaps the travel through the seven rings with bosses at each end, and from what the screenshots have shown, the bosses will presumably be terrifying and crazy.


If that’s a simple enemy you come across, then I surely wouldn’t like to fight actual bosses. Agony reminds me of many of my favorite games. From Dante’s Inferno and Amnesia, to the atmosphere of DOOM, it has many aspects of magnificent survival-horror/action games (creepy atmosphere, psychotic enemies, eerie music, creative map design, etc). So of course, it is my hope that Agony succeeds in all of its glory; by that I mean that it’s able to scare the player to Hell and back.

I’ll be eagerly awaiting Agony’s arrival on May 29th, and so will my neighbors as they hear me scream like a little girl from next door.