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Battle For Azeroth New Allied Races Part 1 (Alliance)

new allied races

Battle for Azeroth is right around the corner and with that comes a massive content update which includes new Allied Races this time around. This expansion is doing things a little differently. Normally, you’d buy the expansion and automatically unlock the new races or classes that come with the game on it’s release, but not this time!

Void Elves

New Allied Races

Let’s start with my favorite of the new allied races (appearance and lore wise), the Void Elves. The Void Elves are originally from Silvermoon. They were exiled by the Horde and now fight alongside the Alliance. Alleria Windrunner goes back to her home in Silvermoon bearing an offer from High King Anduin Wrynn. Alleria doesn’t disclose what the offer is, but still tries to recruit the High Elves from Silvermoon. Lor’themar was not on board with that plan. The Void Elves were also High Elves from Silvermoon, but they were cast out of the city because of their studies in the void. Alleria sets out to find her exiled kin and it’s up to you to help save and bring them back.

The set of quests to unlock that scenario become available when you pre-purchase your copy of Battle For Azeroth. The player will receive a quest to go see High King Anduin Wrynn, but the scenario will only be available once you’ve reached exalted status with the Argussian Reach and complete the “You Are Now Prepared” achievement which requires you to complete the Argus storyline. The unlocking process can take a couple weeks due to the amount of reputation you can gain daily. You can also speed up the process a little by obtaining Argussian Reach Insignia that increase your reputation by 250 or Greater Argussian Reach Insignia that increase your reputation by 750. You can obtain these randomly from “Greater Tribute of Broken Isles”.

The faction mount you obtain from the Void Elf race is a Starcursed Void Strider. Players rolling Void Elves will be able to choose between Hunter, Mage, Monk, Priest, Rogue, Warlock or Warrior. This is a little different from the previous expansion but seems more challenging and fun. Can’t wait to unlock these!

New Allied Race

Lightforged Draenei

New Allied Race

Next up for the new allied races is the Lightforged Draenei. They’re unlocked in the same way, and you’ll even find yourself earning reputation towards unlocking them. You have to reach exalted with The Army of Light and go see High Exarch Turalyon to unlock the scenario for the race unlock. The Army of Light has been at war with the Burning Legion for ages and has finally claimed victory on Argus. The Draenei, most committed to the crusade, went through a ritual to infuse their bodies with holy light, and took up a new mission to fight against the Horde. The Lightforged are elite Draenei who were trained to fight against the Legion, but since that threat has subsided they returned to Azeroth to train the next generation of defenders of the light.

The racial mount they receive is the Lightforged Felcrusher. The classes available to the Lightforged are Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Warrior.

New Allied Race

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That’s what’s confirmed for the Alliance so far. However, there are rumors going around for Kul’Tiran humans to join post launch. Stay tuned for the Horde allied races in part two of this series!