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Battlefield 5 will be revealed on May 23

battlefield 5

Don’t you hate an announcement of an announcement? Because I do. I understand the need to hype things up, but it’s a total PR move.

Anyways, the Battlefield twitter account posted a tweet confirming that Battlefield 5 is indeed the next installment to the franchise. Signs were pointing at EA releasing Battlefield Bad Company 3, but this completely shoots down that rumor.

So what’s it gonna be? Battlefield 5 or Battlefield V?

After a crazy Battlefield 1 easter egg hunt, players found specific details on EA’s website implying the imminent announcement of the next Battlefield. It ended up being the real deal. EA is planning to reveal Battlefield 5 on May 23 live at 4PM eastern time.

Fans can watch the live reveal on Twitch and Mixer.com. Make sure to tune in to watch DICE speak about what Battlefield 5 is going to be all about. You can visit the teaser website here.

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