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Battlefield 5 Revealed, World War 2 Dares to be Different

battlefield 5

EA took the stage at London on Tuesday evening to show the world Battlefield 5. Little did they know that the reveal was going to be met with a lot of controversy.

Fans of the series were expecting a historically accurate World War 2 Battlefield installment, instead they got DICE’s take on the war. If we go by the many memes floating around, you would think DICE’s take on WW2 is a mixture of Braveheart, Rambo and basically any 80s-90s pop culture action flick. Memes aren’t always the best way to create a baseline, so why don’t you take a look at the reveal trailer before I paint the wrong picture for you.

Battlefield 5 doesn’t care about the naysayers

Judging by the trailer, DICE is putting a spin on the tired setting of WW2. Whether you like it or not, players should appreciate the fact that DICE and EA have the cojones to move away from what we’re used to seeing in other WW2 games. According to Battlefield 5’s official website, DICE is stating that “choosing this period of WW2 is a good example of our main Battlefield V ambition: letting you visit lesser known battlefields.” They go on to say that players can expect the usual all-out, frantic warfare that the Battlefield franchise as always offered. With upgrades of course.

With a plethora of features being added to Battlefield 5, the meme lords and skeptics can go to hell. For the first time ever (during the DLC age), Battlefield will not feature a season pass. Instead, DICE is moving forward with the games as a service model. Players will receive free maps and updates, with things like cosmetics being the main source of income for EA. The best compromise for gamers and publishers. Dont worry, you’ll be able to grind it out to earn “grind currency,” which allows players to deck out their soldier, weapons, and vehicles with unique customization options.

battlefield 5

Battlefield 5 additional notes

Battlefield lovers (and haters) can expect things like deeper squad mechanics, a complete overhaul to the animation system, focus on true destruction again, gameplay mechanic tweaks (addition of fortifications and repair upgrades), and the ability to call in reinforcements. Pre-ordering Battlefield 5 will get you early beta access, additional paratrooper cosmetic items, five weapons, and one additional Special Assignment (new Battlefield 5 4 player co-op mode). DICE confirmed the return of a single player campaign, which follows in the footsteps of its older brother, Battlefield 1, telling “war stories” from soldiers all around the world.

Battlefield 5 has three different release dates. The EA access and Origin Play First Trial starts on October 11. Deluxe edition owners jump into battle on October 16 with a bunch of extra digital content. The non-fancy edition of Battlefield 5 releases on October 19. Dare to be different on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Windows PC.