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Fortnite Season 4 is here, Bringing vast amount of changes to its ‘Battle Royale’ mode

Season 4 is here! Tilted Towers has been spared, but the same can not be said for Dusty Depot. The meteor has finally crashed, and it’s a whole new ballpark for Fortnite’s ‘Battle Royale” mode.

Say Hello to Dusty Divot and Risky Reels

Dusty Depot is no more. In its place now stands Dusty Divot, a giant crater filled with torn down buildings and Hop Rocks, Epic Games’ newest addition to the game. Hop Rocks are little shards of the meteor that, when consumed, temporarily allows your character to jump in low gravity and boost their momentum. While there is an abundance of hop rocks in Dusty Divot, these can still be found all over the island in sites where meteorites have hit the island as well. The crater engulfs the landscape between Dusty Depot, Salty Springs, and Retail Row, and the buildings that used to stand there have disappeared.

Epic Games has also taken steps to introducing a new landmark on the island, named Risky Reels. This much needed area is situated on the Northeast section of the island, slightly above Wailing Woods and Tomato Town, bringing life into this otherwise dead portion of the map. Featuring a drive-in theater and an immense playing field, Risky Reels will become a hot spot for players to land and gather resources on their way to Royale Victory!

It’s all about the Battle Pass skins!

Season 4 means there’s an all new Battle Pass…and that means more skins to unlock! This time around, players will be grinding it out to unlock some of the most colorful and fascinating skins Epic Games has delivered yet! Zoey, Teknique, and Omega seems to be crowd favorites.

Important items from Patch 4.0

Along with introducing new content, there has been quality of life changes as well as changes to gameplay. These include:

  • Headshots are now prioritized when other body parts are in the way.
  • Damage numbers are now visible when spectating a player.
  • You are no longer limited to just the 6 slots on your emote wheel for Sprays and Emotes and can now use any of the ones you own in a match!
  • Made significant performance improvements when many players are on-screen by reducing the impact of character parts.
  • The Crossbow has been vaulted.
  • Rocket Launcher aim reticle is now a fixed size regardless of player movement.

Most importantly, however, we’d all agree that the largest impact would be the end of meteor showers! No longer will your fort be destroyed when battling other players for that win!