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Monster Prom Review

There are only 3 weeks left until prom! You’re a student at Spooky high. Your goal is to snatch the baddest and cutest monster to take to prom. How hard could it possibly get?

What is your perfect date? Something monstrous of course!

This eye-catching dating sim is absolutely delightful. The engaging gameplay and unique character personalities set Monster Prom apart from the competition. Developer ‘Beautiful Glitch’ decided to go with a fresh take on the dating sim genre. Not only can you enjoy Monster Prom solo, but you can get competitive with your friends online or in local multiplayer (1-4 players).

Let’s do the Monster Mash!

The mechanics of the game are similar to other dating sims, with RPG aspects. A simple pick and choose adventure with the added elements of multiplayer and stat/money management. Your character has a variety of stats (Smarts, Boldness, Creativity, Charm, Fun, Money) which are earned by completing tasks as you progress through the story. Eccentric items can also be purchased through a shop keeper. As you earn achievements, the game unlocks new items in the shop. These items can be used to trigger new events and help you through the weeks before prom.

The game begins with a personality quiz. Your avatar earns stats depending on your answers. After the quiz, the story begins, and each of your turns will start by making you choose a location within school grounds with potential prom dates. The locations on the school ground have certain stat gains attached to them. Each location is accompanied by an emoji, and figuring what emoji represents each stat is not difficult. The other key location is the school’s cafeteria. Here you’ll be able to choose which table to sit at, depending on the monster you want to woo! The game progresses as the weeks go by; with weeks including day and night cycles. Each day is one turn, and each night is another. Remember, you can get competitive with your friends online or with local co-op. Will your friends help you get the prom date you desire? Or will they go against you and steal the affection of your beloved?!

Meet the Monster Cast

What truly makes Monster Prom a joy to play are the characters, and the notable dialogue. Each monster has a unique personality. Paying attention to Monster Prom’s opening cutscene is crucial. The introduction has important information on the monsters’ personalities. Those key identity traits will need to be remembered by players in order to successfully romance their favorite monster! Pay attention! DO. NOT. SKIP.

Monster Prom has four characters to choose from. These monsters will represent the player, acting as an avatar. After choosing the monster, the player will have the option to edit their names and pick the pronoun for them; He, She or They. Without further ado, here are the dashing monsters that players will take control of.

  • Oz, Yellow. Oz is a shadow monster representing fear itself. The little creatures around him represent phobias. He is portrayed as timid and sweet. That yellow cardigan looks too good on him.
  • Amira, Red. Amira is a fire djinn (a spirit or demon). Hair is made out of fire. This redhead is portrayed as fierce and feisty. Who doesn’t like a girl who is on fire, literally.
  • Brian, Green. Brian is a zombie. Brian… Brains?! GET IT? HAHAHAHA! Okay. Seriously. I can’t help but to be attracted to this zombie. The missing chunks of skin, pearly whites out for the dashing smile, gash on his forehead.. yup, all the attractive qualities in a monster.
  • Vicky, Blue. Vicky is Frankenstein’s monster. I always imagine her with a bubbly personality. She’s your typical stein monster. Nail going through her neck, body covered in stitches, ready to electrify you — you know.. the usual.

These 4 monsters are absolute babes! Sadly, players can’t date them, but at least they can play as them! Now, about dating.. here comes the marvelous six potential prom dates to pursue!

  • Scott Howl, an adorable, buff werewolf. All about sports, muscles and being half wolf! Might not be the brightest werewolf of the pack, but can’t deny he’s the most lovable. His name is most likely a play on Scott Howard, the protagonist in Teen Wolf the TV series.
  • Miranda Vanderbilt, an evil.. I mean a pretty mermaid who is the heiress to a royal family of an undersea kingdom. A tyrannical ruling princess that has a family possibly responsible of genocide.. very very tempting, and if that doesn’t tempt you, then she’s as cute as can be! I can’t help but to think of Miranda as an alternate version of Ariel from The Little Mermaid.
  • Damien LaVey, a dashing demon with a vivid personality. A reckless pyromaniac who truly appreciates causing chaos. Sometimes you just can’t help but to chase after the bad boy.
  • Polly Geist, I just want to shine the spotlight on that name. Absolutely clever indeed. This carefree ghost is a party animal! She’s down to do anything and everything. Always wants to throw, or attend the hottest parties, abuse all types of substances, and is a supporter and contributor to all pranks!
  • Liam De Lioncourt, sharing his last name with Lestat De Lioncourt. Liam is a 400+ year old hipster vampire. After being alive for so long he can’t stand the thought of ever becoming mainstream. This vampire is intelligent and a true artist (he believes). All about his filters, his man bun, and being misunderstood.
  • Ann Vera, a gorgon with plenty of scams and illegal businesses. Ah, a monster who is really all about being an alpha bitch and getting her money. With that said, you should know that she isn’t easy to entice. Don’t give up though! She is the most beautiful of her kind.

Hmm.. I know you’re thinking what I’m thinking — how can I possibly choose one monster to seduce?! And what if my friends have the same taste in monsters that I have!? All these questions are what makes Monster Prom an engaging dating sim the whole way through. Monster Prom includes a variety of endings depending on the choices players make. Some secret endings can be unlocked by making certain decisions through unique story plots that include events. There are two different secret endings per romantic interests.

Monster Prom had me howling at the moon for Scott. Dancing the night away with the one and only party animal ghost, Polly. Being as reckless as possible to dazzle a demon prince named Damien. Ready to sweep a merprincess named Miranda off her tail? Maybe Lestat was too much to handle, but Liam is definitely the De Lioncourt I’m trying to take filtered selfies with. Can’t forget about the gorgeous and dominating gorgon, Ann, who wouldn’t want a monster that isn’t all about her business. As someone who has always enjoyed the dating sim experience, I highly recommend this game. It’s available for Windows, Mac, and Linux on Steam for only $11.99.

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Monster Prom is genre defining!

Charming art style, catchy tunes, & unique personalities. The ingredients for an unbelievable experience. Monster Prom was pitched as a breath of fresh air to the dating sim genre. Fans bought into Beautiful Glitch's view of a dating sim, and successfully funded the game through Kickstarter. I'm glad they did!



  • Ignacio Palacio
    May 05, 2018 10:41 pm

    Awesome review! I agree, the game was fun to play, especially the multiplayer mode.

  • Bob
    May 05, 2018 11:04 pm

    Thanks for the review. I might just pick it up since its cheap.