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Overwatch’s Pink Mercy Skin is Available Now, Proceeds go to Breast Cancer Research

Blizzard is always striving to make the world a better place. Today they succeeded.

The Overwatch development team has created a limited time charity Pink Mercy skin in collaboration with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Pink Mercy is a legendary skin and will be available to purchase from now till May 21. Blizzard is promising that 100% of Pink Mercy proceeds will be donated to the BCRF, with a guaranteed minimum donation of $250,000 (USD). Numbers will be disclosed at the end of the Pink Mercy event.

More ways to support!

Overwatch fans have a variety of options if they want to show further support to the cause. Lovers of Mercy and supporters of breast cancer research can purchase a new, limited edition Pink Mercy charity shirt. It was designed by a community artist (VICKISIGH) specifically for this special event. I’ll absolutely be rocking this shirt for awareness, and I know I look great in pink, so that’s a plus (not really)! If you want to join me on the journey to looking great in pink, and supporting a wonderful cause, click here to pre-order the shirt.

More of the virtual representing type? Players who log in to Overwatch between May 5 and May 21 will unlock a BCRF-themed player icon.

Community to the rescue!

Overwatch’s community is collaborating with Blizzard during the limited time span of Pink Mercy. Specific content creators will be hard at work streaming Overwatch, with an added benefit for fans. Viewers will unlock rewards by watching cumulative hours of participating charity streams. Rewards include Pink Mercy in-game sprays and icons. Make sure to link your Blizzard and Twitch account to earn these rewards! Check out the list of participating charity streamers and schedules below:

Screw cancer, the cavalry’s here!

This event might pale in comparison to other Overwatch events in terms of content, but cancer sucks, and working together to raise money to beat it trumps in game content. Blizzard is taking the initiative to bring awareness to a magnificent cause, and rewarding supporters with a beautiful legendary skin in the process. The Pink Mercy skin is available to purchase on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One). If you want more info on the BCRF click here.