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The End of a Dynasty: Rostermania Hits OpTic Gaming

The season finale of “Vision” has now confirmed the addition of Anthony “Methodz” Zinni and Sam “Octane” Larew to the new OpTic Gaming Call of Duty roster. The departure of Damon “Karma” Barlow and Matthew “Formal” Piper strikes the end of a dynasty.

Deemed as the most successful Call of Duty roster to ever compete, these four won 13 LAN events and one world championship over the span of three years together. This roster change was expected by the supporters of the #GreenWall. Inconsistent placings and failure to live up to expectations stirred up rumors and speculations of the roster breakup. From starting the season with a third place finish at CWL Dallas, then almost winning the CWL Pro League Stage One Playoffs (second place), to then showcase their worst performance at CWL Seattle placing top 16, fans assumed these were the final moments with this OpTic roster.

A new beginning

In the midst of all this OpTic Gaming rostermania news, Luminosity Gaming has acquired Formal through a trade with OpTic Gaming; they will receive Octane in return. Formal released a heart warming statement regarding his departure from OpTic Gaming, which addressed his former teammates, the #GreenWall, and what the future holds for him on LG.

As for Karma, he went live on Twitch shortly after the finale of Vision aired and expressed how he was feeling about all of this. Karma touched on topics such as streaming full time, having offers to continue competing, and not entirely being mad, but sad at how everything went down. Fans can expect the three time champ to continue having a blast streaming, but potentially returning to defend his thrown in case someone ties the record for holding three championship rings. If we don’t witness the return of Karma to the Call of Duty pro scene, at least we can say that he has been one of the greatest, if not the greatest player to have ever competed on Call of Duty, with a combined three world championships and 23 LAN tournament wins under his belt.