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Assassins Creed Odyssey officially confirmed by Ubisoft


Imagine being a top dog at Ubisoft… all of your employees have done a fantastic job keeping Assassins Creed Odyssey under wraps thus far.

However, you find out that someone from the marketing department has managed to leak it to millions of people! How, you ask? Because of a K E Y C H A I N!!! A marketing element that spoiled the E3 surprise also forced Ubisoft’s hand to officially confirm Assassins Creed Odyssey (not to be confused with Super Mario Odyssey).

assassins creed odyssey


After the key leak, Ubisoft tweeted a short clip of what looks like the protagonist spartan-kicking an enemy off a cliff. Judging by the keychain, which looks like a replica of the helmet worn by King Leonidas I, and the short clip released by Ubisoft, Assassins Creed Odyssey will take place in ancient Greece. The video clip ends with a message from Ubisoft that says “See you at E3.”

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Rumors peg Odyssey to be the direct sequel of Assassins Creed Origins, with a possibility of Bayek making a surprise appearance. We’ll learn more once the Ubisoft presser starts on Monday, June 11 at 4PM EST. Stay tuned!

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