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Fortnite Rocket Cracks The Sky, Leaves Players Scratching their Heads

Today, at 1:30 EDT, a mysterious rocket launched and cracked Fortnite’s sky. Players all around the world gathered around to view this spectacle as it was happening real-time server wide. The Fortnite rocket started slowly rising up into the sky, and then, a bang was heard.

The Fortnite rocket changed its trajectory to aim straight at Tilted Towers. As it was descending, it aimed some sort of laser-beam at everybody’s favorite landing spot. Making some crazy Michael Bay Transformers sound effects, it was rapidly honing in on Tilted, but then something weird happened. The Fortnite rocket got transported into another dimension! Or so it seems. Before making impact, the rocket jumps into a realm tear (?), and seconds later, appears on the other side of the map with a different trajectory. This time, it makes a complete half circle around the whole map and hits another realm tear, and then proceeds to shoot out of another, and flies into the sky, cracking it on impact! Have we been playing inside of a dome this whole time!? And what has this Fortnite rocket done to the map? Everybody is digging for answers.

The Fortnite Rocket has everybody playing detective

Reddit user aaron4013 posted a screenshot showing us a mysterious energy wave somewhere around Lonely Lodge. This screenshot was taken after the Fortnite rocket hit the sky, and cracked it. The first documented evidence of map tampering by an unknown source!

fortnite rocket

Fortnite’s biggest personalities joined in on the fun, and streamed the event! Ninja had over 420,000 viewers joining him for the rocket launch event. They had awesome reactions! Check out the video below.

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Speculation is leading fans to believe that we might have some sort of a universe crossover event coming soon. Something to do with aliens maybe? Who knows? But Epic is really killing it with their ARGs (alternate reality game). I’m glad to see the current world-wide leaders in the gaming industry do fun things like these without a hiccup. Epic better cough up some answers soon, if not the conspiracy theorist are going to drive themselves crazy.