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Marvel Strike Force Introduction and Best Characters | Mobile Spotlight

Recently released on March 28th, Marvel Strike Force is a brand-new turn based RPG mobile game set in the Marvel universe. Made by FoxNext, and in collaboration with Marvel, this new RPG brings a fresh and colorful addition to the new turn-based genre.

marvel strike force

Marvel Strike Force allows die-hards to create their fantasy team

Now, most likely in a lot of this series, you’ll see many games featured in this genre. Why you ask? Well, for one they are absolutely amazing to play, if just a bit grinding. As for the second reason, they’ve seen many popularity in mobile gaming over the last few years. In Marvel Strike Force, you are in control of five characters from the Marvel Universe, whether it be hero or villain. Yes, you read correctly. You can have Thanos fight alongside Cap, or Kingpin alongside Daredevil.

Anyways, each characters has an assortment of abilities on the bottom right hand corner of the screen. After clicking on one of the five (or more) enemies on the screen, you choose an ability and watch the beautiful animations of the game. One of my favorite animations is when Cap runs up to an enemy, begins to punch the daylight out of them, then gives an uppercut that sends them packing into the air, afterwards he stands straight and salutes as they fly upwards.

So far, they mainly have characters from the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), with a sprinkling of some comic book characters such as Bullseye. I believe more are coming soon if one is to trust Marvel to follow their other game’s content roadmap (Future Fight).

marvel strike force

Despite being on Mobile, Marvel Strike Force does have a story

The story is pretty straight forward, our Earth is the Nexus between hundreds of different universes. After destroying and taking over the universes he has access to, a Kree Eternal named Ultimus has set his sights on our Earth in attempts to conquer it. Now, here’s the kicker, Ultimus has obtained a machine that converts the superheroes and villains from all the other worlds he has conquered to be under his control. If you ever had the question of who would win in a fight between one Spider-Man and five Luke Cages… here’s your chance!

Ultimus hates our Earth because it’s in his way of obtaining pure control over all the universes, so he wants to convert everyone to his side like a pushy salesperson. I’m sure you all know how super heroes are, they won’t allow that to happen, we will stop you, blah blah blah. The same old hero stuff. And so starts the beautiful journey of acquiring characters, evolving them, and meticulously grinding their gear for the sake of making them as powerful as they can. Which, honestly, is pretty reliving when you finally get to max level and get a lot of your characters to a higher ranking.

marvel strike force

Tips and opinions on the best characters in Marvel Strike Force

Now, I’m not some guy that’ll tell you all about the game and have you run in blind! Time for my little tip section! Yay! Clap your hands!

  • Tip 1: Do your daily objectives everyday! Not only does it give you an amazing amount of experience and orbs, but you get free Wolverine Shards if you complete all of them.
  • Tip 2: Get in an Alliance as soon as you can. Doing so allows you to join raids and obtain a lot of items needed to raise the level of your character’s gear. Trust me, the worst mistake I made was not utilizing it sooner. If you want your characters to be strong, join those raids!
  • Tip 3: Please don’t use the Power Cores (the in game expensive currency) for any of the orbs in the games store. It’s basically playing a gamble, and most of the time in the gamble you’ll get horrible outcomes.
  • Tip 4: Remember how I mentioned the Power Cores in the last Tip? Save them! Only use them for energy. It costs 50 cores to get 120 energy. It’ll cost only 50 for the first three times, then it’ll be bumped to 100. Only spend it for those three times to allow you to maximize your energy output and go far in the game!
  • Tip 5: Even if you’re in an Alliance or not, always try to spend 600 energy daily. It’s a healthy boost to your experience, and if your in a Hardcore Alliance spending 600 is needed to acquire raid keys to raid.
  • Tip 6: This is half my opinion and half what most of the community thinks. Here are some characters you need to get eventually:
    • Gamora: an AMAZING powerhouse of damage that can strike multiple times, and in rare cases can destroy a team by herself.
    • Quake: slows the team down greatly and deals massive damage to the entire enemy team with her ultimate attack.
    • Yondu: a summoner class that deals good damage and can summon his ravaged buddies to help him out in a fight.
    • Black Widow: speeds up your team and applies good amounts of shock on the enemy. Pairs very well with Quake.
    • Hawkeye: good critical damage dealer, destroys the enemy’s speed bar and buffs, and can blind the enemy team, which causes each individuals attack to miss.
    • Captain America: decent damage, great tank for absorbing most of the damage and can even destroy the buffs of an enemy team. Also that amazing animation I mentioned earlier.
  • Tip 6.5: Gamora can be obtained through the Blitz Store, and Quake can be obtained through the Arena Store. Probably the easiest to get.

marvel strike force

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Anyways! I hope you all heed my tips for Marvel Strike Force and enjoyed this segment of the Mobile Spotlight. Check out the game now, in honor of the new Deadpool movie! The Alliance Raid and Event to obtain him is underway for a limited time! Go download the game and try to get him as fast as you can for as long as he is here! Perhaps as the game grows and more stuff is added, I’ll have another segment ready to inform and help out.