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E3 2018: Nintendo Conference Recap | Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Super Mario Party, Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee & More!

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This year’s Nintendo E3 direct was a tale of two stories. One story was told too quickly, and the other dragged on for way too long. With little to show, and a lot to say about one particular title, how did Nintendo perform at this year’s E3? It’s like when you microwave food, and it’s too hot on one side, but too cold on the other.

This year’s Nintendo E3 direct was smashing

Let’s be real, the Nintendo E3 direct was made with the intention of showcasing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, with a side of some games. Unfortunately, some announcements like the Fortnite and Paladins reveals were leaked way before the day of the direct, even going as far as someone on 4chan completely leaking all of the Smash details. Metroid Prime 4, Star Fox Grand Prix, and Animal Crossing Switch were all no-shows. The Nintendo E3 direct did confirm the return of Fire Emblem to home consoles, Dragon Ball FighterZ for the switch, and a slew of first-party and third-party games coming soon, but nothing to get the heart pumping. If you’re not a big Smash Bros. fan, you’ll probably find this recap pretty dull.

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Nonetheless, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate blowout was fun as hell; GameCube controllers are back, and we’re getting some sweet new amiibo for Ridley and Inkling! Other titles like Super Mario Party and Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee will keep you occupied until it’s smashing time. Let’s dive into our final E3 breakdown, the Nintendo E3 2018 direct recap written by Gabriel DelpinoIgnacio Palacio, and Alec Curras.

Daemon X Machina

Kicking off this year’s Nintendo E3 direct in style, Daemon X Machina is bringing stylized mech action to the Switch. This fast-paced, action mech-on-mech title will have some of the industries’ heavy hitters working on it. Yusuke Kozaki, character designer of games like Fire Emblem Awakening, Fire Emblem Fates, and No More Heroes, is working on Daemon X Machina’s character designs. Shoji Kawamori, mech designer of Armored Core and many famous mecha anime, will work on the game’s mech concept.

The mechs featured in Daemon X Machina are called Arsenals. Players have the ability to fully customize Arsenals and avatars. Arsenals can have three weapons attached to them — on their arm, shoulder and back. Players can move freely throughout the battlefield in the air and on the ground, and can use objects like cars and street lamps to bring down their enemies. Online and local multiplayer modes will be available at launch. Daemon X Machina will be release some time in 2019.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses

After Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn released in 2007 for the Nintendo Wii, we began to doubt if the Fire Emblem series would ever return to home consoles. During this year’s Nintendo E3 direct, a reveal trailer for the next Fire Emblem installment titled Fire Emblem: Three Houses put our worries to rest! The video showcased the game’s stunning visuals, as well as the return of durability in weapons and free-roam exploration. A new addition to the series is the ability to switch between different perspectives of the battlefield. Players can choose between top-down classic Fire Emblem perspective or ground-level battle view, where characters can be seen commanding armies.

While Nintendo had originally intended to release a main series Fire Emblem title in 2018, Fire Emblem: Three Houses will instead launch in Spring 2019 for the Nintendo Switch.


PlayStation? Xbox? PC? And SWITCH? Oh my! That’s right, the famous Fortnite has finally received a port for the Switch console. Allowing just about anyone to pick up Fortnite anywhere (even though you could play it on your mobile devices as well). With this gaming phenomenon reaching around the globe, it was only a matter of time until it was finally added to Switch’s library. Just in time as well, rumors have announced that the rocket that appears in the loading screens of the game may actually be operational. Perhaps a new game mode for the new season? Maybe a mechanic like Fallout 76’s nukes? The world may never know! I’m kidding, we’ll know soon enough. I will play it.

Hollow Knight

Deep below the town of Dirtmouth lay a long forgotten and ancient kingdom. As the clear choice of what to do, you are Hollow Knight, and you will be adventuring into the dark and dangerous depths! This little excursion is a simple 2D action-adventure game surrounding a little knight named Hollow Knight. The game features one of the most beautiful hand drawn world you’ll ever see. The colors and animations pop right out of the screen like as if the game wasn’t even 2D at all. With a wealth of spells, abilities, and customization for Hollow Knight, it further expands on the beauty and impressiveness that this game displays. Despite being a little short, players enjoyed Hollow Knight, and fans of the game go as far as saying it’s one of the best Metroidvania games out there. Hollow Knight is available now for Switch owners!  

Octopath Traveler

Wow, we have to say that Octopath Traveler is one beautiful game. Our minds are still trying to wrap around the fact that it’s both a 2D and an eye-popping 3D game. While the characters themselves are flat, the world around them comes out like a pop-up story book. The visuals themselves create excitement for the large world of Orsterra, and it’s eight main characters. Being developed by Square Enix, it’s no wonder that it’s a beautiful and complex game.

From the multiple story lines of all eight playable characters, it’s large world, and even the way to journey the world, it’s absolutely astonishing. The combat is very reminiscent to Square Enix’s other games. A simple turn based battle that has a special little twist to it. Players utilize something called Boost points, which allows you to weaken enemies, or strengthen allies to gain victory in the fight. This core battle mechanic could be the key to winning any difficult fights that may occur.

Eight unique characters

nintendo e3

Now, each character in the game is something absolutely special. Not just being that they all have their own personalities, their own abilities, and their own cute, but badass 2D animations. They all have their own fleshed out backgrounds and stories that can direct how you play the game. Square Enix announced that the game varies between 80 to 100 hours of gameplay, meaning that many of the eight characters have well lengthened stories.

Below is the list of each hero, their ability, and a snippet of their backstory.

  1. Olberic The Warrior:

    -Capable of challenging anyone to a fight at anytime/ After living a peaceful life outside of war and violence, those same things trying to be avoided have come to him when a trusted comrade betrays him trust and kills someone close to him. Will he be able to get revenge?

  2. Primrose The Dancer:

    -Can allure and charm others into aiding her….. even in battle/ After seeing men who bear the mark of the Crow murder her father, Primrose has finally see the chance to honor her father’s death. Will she succeed?

  3. Alfyn The Apothecary:

    -Very adept at obtaining any amount of information needed/ Seeking to carry on the duty of a man who once saved his life for nothing in return, Alfyn continues the good work by helping others in dire need even if they don’t have coin. Will his duty ever be complete?

  4. Therion The Thief:

    -Able to steal from everywhere, easily able to acquire valuables not found in other places/ After meeting captors and being given a special job with an amazing pay, Therion can’t resist jumping into the fire. Will he pull the heist off or fail?

  5. H’aanit The Huntress:

    -Able to provoke or scare off people who may be blocking your path/ Along with her snow leopard friend, H’aanit is on a journey to look for her long missing master who may or may not have died. Will she ever find him before it’s too late?

  6. Ophilia The Cleric:

    -Can lead people like a mighty guide or leader, to faraway places or even to battle itself/ Completely devoted to her faith, Ophilia journey’s on a fantastic pilgrimage to being light to the world of Orsterra. Will her journey of peace be successful?

  7. Cyrus The Scholar:

    -Gaining insight and knowledge of his surroundings, gathering secrets and intel may be very valuable/ Seeking the answer of a 15-year-old mystery, Cyrus won’t rest or give up till his quest is finished. Will he find the answers to his questions?

  8. Tressa The Merchant:

    -Can obtain and buy goods from people all over, even speciality items not found in stores/ Ambitious and driven, Tressa leaves her small family business in search of broader opportunities. Will she ever find her true calling?

As of right now the Octopath Traveler demo is up for free on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. If any of this caught your eye, then head over to that and enjoy.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee made a small appearance in the Nintendo E3 direct. This title got revealed a couple of weeks ago, and most of the juicy information was given at the time of the world premiere. Unfortunately, the E3 demo had players roaming around Viridian Forest, so first-time gameplay impressions were okay.

Unlike previous titles, there won’t be any random encounters in bushes, caves or water. This time around, trainers will be able to see the wild Pokemon real-time. Players can choose to approach them, or dodge them. Some pesky Pokemon will run to you though, so be careful! Once a wild Pokemon encounter begins, players can catch it, throw berries, or run away. Similar to the mechanics found in Pokemon GO. That means no battling wild Pokemon for experience — successful catches will be the only way to gain EXP through wild encounters. Aside from the catching mechanics, everything else feels untouched. Fans of Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow will feel right at home.

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Nintendo also announced that fans that buy the Pokeball Plus accessory (retailing for $50) will receive a free Mew. Gotta catch ’em all when Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee release on the Nintendo Switch on November 16.

Super Mario Party

The party keeps going with Super Mario Party! And don’t worry my party lovers, this installment will be NOTHING like Mario Party 10, yuck. Instead, Nintendo is reverting the game’s mechanics back to how they were before, with participants being their own entity, and playing mini-games after each turn. The party returns with new boards, modes, mini-games, twists and new features. One new mode, Toad’s Rec Room, allows for a new dynamic play-style, letting players pair two Nintendo Switch systems together for an exciting table-top mode experience. All the new mini-games will take advantage of the Joy-Cons’ capabilities, so get ready to shake, twist and swing your Joy-Cons with effort. Remember, ALWAYS wear protection! And by that we mean the handy-dandy Joy-Con straps.

Super Mario Party will allow up to four players to play together. It releases on October 5 on the Nintendo Switch.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Okay, this is the big one. Sit down, relax, sip on your beverage, and let me paint you a picture that’ll have you bouncing off the walls from excitement. Sakurai made a special appearance in this year’s Nintendo E3 direct to finally blow the lid wide open off the new Super Smash Bros. game for the Switch, now called Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The Nintendo E3 direct was around 45 minutes long. Sakurai talked about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for more than HALF of that time. Nintendo went all-in with Smash at this year’s E3.


nintendo e3
Credit: Reddit user thelectricow

This marvelous picture you’re staring at isn’t a fake photoshop roster picture, no-no, those 65 characters you see will ALL be featured in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! That means the return of EVERY.SINGLE.CHARACTER ever featured in a Smash game, all the way back to Super Smash Bros. 64. Yes, Snake is back, but they nerfed his tight-ass from Brawl. The fun doesn’t stop there though. Finally, Ridley isn’t too big, and he made his way into a Smash Bros. roster! Aside from Ridley, the two other newcomers are Inkling and Daisy. Sakurai mentioned not to expect that many new characters in this installment. Which should be fine, considering that we have 65 fucking character to pick from thus far.

This game is reclassifying the term clones to echo fighters, which includes; Lucina (Marth), Dark Pit (Pit) and Daisy (Peach). Ultimate will feature returning and new stages. Players can toggle hazards on/off, and can play any stage on their Final Destination and Battlefield mode. Every character in the game has received minor to major changes to their kit, and might be blessed with new alternate costumes, like wedding outfit and builder Mario. Featuring faster combat and a wealth of options, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is setting up to be the perfect competitive game for lovers of the Smash series. Make sure to let the homie, Sakurai, break it all down for you in the video above. There’s A LOT of info that you shouldn’t miss.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will once again feature 8 player battles, and the ability to use all of your dusty amiibo collection! Get ready for 1v1, no items, Final Destination when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases on the Nintendo Switch on December 7.

Xenoblade Chronicles 2: Torna – The Golden Country

A new piece of DLC was announced for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 on the Nintendo E3 direct, closing out the content promised for its expansion pass. The expansion is titled Torna: The Golden Country. The story of the Torna expansion takes place 500 years before the events of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. The reveal trailer teased the return of Rex and Pyra. Nintendo announced a new mode called the ‘Challenge Battle mode’ which allows players to earn items and treasures by completing challenges. The mode is out now.  Shulk and Fiora are back as playable Blades for the Challenge Battle mode. Torna: The Golden Country will refined Xenoblade Chronicles 2’s combat as well. The expansion will be releasing on September 21.