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Octopath Traveler: There’s a story behind the eight unique characters

Wow, we have to say that Octopath Traveler is one beautiful game. Our minds are still trying to wrap around the fact that it’s both a 2D and an eye-popping 3D game. While the characters themselves are flat, the world around them comes out like a pop-up story book.

The visuals themselves create excitement for the large world of Orsterra, and it’s eight main characters. Being developed by Square Enix, it’s no wonder that it’s a beautiful and complex game.

This article was originally part of our Nintendo E3 2018 recap; click here if you’re interested.

From the multiple story lines of all eight playable characters, it’s large world, and even the way to journey the world, it’s absolutely astonishing. The combat is very reminiscent to Square Enix’s other games. A simple turn based battle that has a special little twist to it. Players utilize something called Boost points, which allows you to weaken enemies, or strengthen allies to gain victory in the fight. This core battle mechanic could be the key to winning any difficult fights that may occur.

Octopath Traveler features eight unique characters

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Now, each character in Octopath Traveler is something absolutely special. Not just being that they all have their own personalities, their own abilities, and their own cute, but badass 2D animations. They all have their own fleshed out backgrounds and stories that can direct how you play the game. Square Enix announced that the game varies between 80 to 100 hours of gameplay, meaning that many of the eight characters have well lengthened stories.

Below is the list of each hero, their ability, and a snippet of their backstory.

  1. Olberic The Warrior:

    -Capable of challenging anyone to a fight at anytime/ After living a peaceful life outside of war and violence, those same things trying to be avoided have come to him when a trusted comrade betrays him trust and kills someone close to him. Will he be able to get revenge?

  2. Primrose The Dancer:

    -Can allure and charm others into aiding her….. even in battle/ After seeing men who bear the mark of the Crow murder her father, Primrose has finally see the chance to honor her father’s death. Will she succeed?

  3. Alfyn The Apothecary:

    -Very adept at obtaining any amount of information needed/ Seeking to carry on the duty of a man who once saved his life for nothing in return, Alfyn continues the good work by helping others in dire need even if they don’t have coin. Will his duty ever be complete?

  4. Therion The Thief:

    -Able to steal from everywhere, easily able to acquire valuables not found in other places/ After meeting captors and being given a special job with an amazing pay, Therion can’t resist jumping into the fire. Will he pull the heist off or fail?

  5. H’aanit The Huntress:

    -Able to provoke or scare off people who may be blocking your path/ Along with her snow leopard friend, H’aanit is on a journey to look for her long missing master who may or may not have died. Will she ever find him before it’s too late?

  6. Ophilia The Cleric:

    -Can lead people like a mighty guide or leader, to faraway places or even to battle itself/ Completely devoted to her faith, Ophilia journey’s on a fantastic pilgrimage to being light to the world of Orsterra. Will her journey of peace be successful?

  7. Cyrus The Scholar:

    -Gaining insight and knowledge of his surroundings, gathering secrets and intel may be very valuable/ Seeking the answer of a 15-year-old mystery, Cyrus won’t rest or give up till his quest is finished. Will he find the answers to his questions?

  8. Tressa The Merchant:

    -Can obtain and buy goods from people all over, even speciality items not found in stores/ Ambitious and driven, Tressa leaves her small family business in search of broader opportunities. Will she ever find her true calling?

As of right now the Octopath Traveler demo is up for free on the Nintendo eShop for the Nintendo Switch. If any of this caught your eye, then head over to that and enjoy.