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Overwatch: Hero 28 Teased


The Overwatch team has once again begun teasing its next hero. While nothing concrete has been revealed, the teasers are chockfull of hints. Let’s go over what we know about Hero 28, as well as delve into some theories!


It’s been 3 months since Overwatch received a new hero in the form of Brigitte, and it seems Blizzard is continuing their 4 month cycle for new heroes. The first teaser was a tweet posted by the official @PlayOverwatch account back on June 21st.

As y’all can see, the first teaser is fairly cryptic. However, there is some info to be gleaned from this clip. First off, that poster with a chimp in space? That’s most likely a reference to Hammond, who was a test subject alongside Winston at the Horizon Lunar Colony. Also known as Specimen 8, Hammond has been teased in Overwatch more than just this one time. You can actually find his old room in the Horizon Lunar Colony map!

While Hammond seems to be the centerpiece of this teaser, there is something else. Look again, and you’ll spot a poster to the far right with the word “YARD” on it. While it’s hard to discern, it looks like there’s a female figure above that piece of text. Could this be teasing The Queen of Junkertown? I think so, and there’s actually a few reasons for that. The first one being the next teaser released by @PlayOverwatch.

Set in the same alleyway as the first teaser, this clip seems to give us a look at Hero 28 in action. While it may just look like an oversized metal ball, I think that’s Hero 28 in action, but I’ll touch up on that later. Going back to The Queen of Junkertown speculation, there’s actually a recent hint that is in the actual game. As some of you may know, The Queen can usually be heard while playing through the Junkertown map, she’ll even say something special if you have Roadhog or Junkrat on your team. However, as of patch, The Queen’s voice lines have been removed from Junkertown. While this change wasn’t formally announced in the patch notes, it’s definitely no accident as Blizzard hasn’t responded to questions regarding the removal.

There’s also rumours that The Queen’s weapons, which are normally visible on her throne in the Junkertown map, have been removed in the latest PTR patch. While I’m unable to currently connect to the PTR servers, I’ll be coming back to give you all an update on whether this is true or not.


Now that we’ve gone through the teasers, I want to share some theories, beginning with my own. I believe that Hero 28 is almost certainly a tank, and there’s a few reasons for that. While Overwatch has received a healthy amount of new content, including heroes, the game is sorely lacking in the tank department. Since Overwatch launched back in May of 2016, we’ve only received one new tank, which is Orisa.  While I love Orisa (and her adorable puppy emote), I think a new tank hero is not only past due, but necessary at this point in Overwatch’s life span. Many players (myself included) have been displeased with the current barrier meta, but I believe Hero 28 is Blizzard’s solution to that problem.

Remember when I mentioned that the second teaser looks like Hero 28 in action? Well, I think that’s their movement ability. Usually delegated to the shift key on PC, movement abilities in the game include Tracer’s blinks, Soldier 76’s sprint, Genji’s swift strike, and Reinhardt’s charge.

I think Hero 28 is a tank that will be able to roll right through barriers in order to displace enemy combatants. While I don’t think we’ll see a pin mechanic like in Reinhardt’s charge, I do believe we’ll see some sort of wall-impact mechanic that is only present in Doomfist’s rocket punch at the moment.

As far as Hero 28’s identity goes, there’s a few theories that go beyond just Hammond and The Queen of Junkertown. Reddit user deadlockgunslinger made a post that brings up Wrecking Ball, a character that’s visible on posters in Junkertown. I went ahead and took a screenshot for y’all to see.

Seen in the middle poster

The top-rated comment by user Taylonic points out that the ball seen behind Wrecking Ball seems almost identical the rolling ball seen in the second teaser. Could it be that Hero 28 is actually Wrecking Ball, champion of Junkertown? It sure looks that way. It’s also interesting to point out that Wrecking Ball seems to be an omnic character. While more omnic heroes would be great to see in Overwatch, it’s interesting because part of Junkertown’s lore is that it’s not omnic-friendly, as evidenced by the numerous omnic corpses seen in the map, and the following image.

🙁 Rule 1 seems harsh

To conclude, we still don’t know for sure who Hero 28 is. Hammond, The Queen, and Wrecking Ball all seem to be likely candidates, but we won’t know for certain until the Overwatch team reveals it. I’ll be sure to keep you all updated on any new teasers or official announcements.

Until then, I wish you all the best of luck in your competitive games!

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