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5 Anime Games to Look Forward to in 2018 & Beyond

anime games

Lately, we’ve been getting quite a bit of news regarding anime games. Today, I’ll be talking about 5 anime games you should look forward to playing in 2018 and beyond. Coincidentally (or not), all the games are Shōnen Jump related!

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Jump Force – Unite To Fight!

anime games

The first is Jump Force which produced maximum hype levels at E3 this year. This game is a mosh pit of various characters from Shōnen’s animes. Jump Force will feature characters from Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, Death Note, and Bleach — with many more franchise announcements to come. Judging from the E3 demo, the gameplay seems very reminiscent of the Naruto Ultimate Storm and Dragon Ball Xenoverse series. Seeing as how some of the characters from both of those games are in Jump Force, I’m feeling confident that they’ll fit right in.

What I’m ultimately curious about is Light Yagami’s place in this game? Is he playable? Will his attacks have him writing in the Death Note? According to Jump Force’s producer Koji Nakajima, we might not see that happen in this game. “Ryuk from Death Note isn’t a playable character, because if he writes names into the Death Note, people die, right? He’d be too strong. (laughs)” Nakajima confirmed in an interview with Bahamut via Siliconera. Nakajima specifically said we’ll see the duo throughout the game’s story. Leaving a little bit of hope for a playable Light Yagami.

One of the most interesting parts about Jump Force is the photo-realistic look of it. Seemingly taking place both in the real world and the Shōnen Jump anime worlds, it gave the developers the chance to make semi-realistic versions of our favorite 2D anime characters. If anyone knows about One Piece, I’m pretty sure we are dying to find out how they made stretching body parts look realistic. As of right now, there is no release date for Jump Force, but I suggest playing some of the games I compared it to.

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobo Striker – Acrobatic Ninja Battle Action!

anime games

Next up is Naruto to Boruto: Shinobo Striker! Coming out on August 31, the Naruto anime game franchise has taken a new approach on gameplay mechanics. Bandai Namco is creating a more customizable experience, all revolving around an online focus. Players are able to make the ninja they’ve always wanted with an assortment of jutsu’s and weapons! Frankly, I want to make a guy with lightning jutsus and a sword, but that’s just me. Now, you don’t have to play as your customizable character. Fan favorites such as Naruto, Sasuke, and Kakashi will be playable as well. Each ninja will fit into four categories — Attack, Defend, Range, and Support. The online features 4v4 matches. Players will also be able to play vs A.I. cooperatively. If you pre-order, you’ll receive Pain as a playable character and Naruto’s seventh Hokage outfit.

Black Clover: Quartet Knights – In A World Of Magic, Knights Will Stand Up!

anime games

Black Clover: Quartet Knights is an anime game based on the newer anime in Shōnen Jump, Black Clover. With a rich cast of varying magical powers, players will face off over points of interest. It’ll feature 4v4 online modes, in addition to a story mode. Other than that, not much information has been released. The gameplay trailer shows us that it’s VERY similar to Shinobi Striker. We’ll finally see the game in action when the closed beta releases on July 15th. Black Clover: Quartet Knights releases on September 14.

My Hero: One’s Justice – Your Justice Begins Now!

anime games

Everyone I know that watches My Hero Academia is a huge fan of both its story and it’s beautiful animation. Well, I’m sure fans won’t be disappointed when My Hero: One’s Justice releases on October 26! Complete with a full cast, and all of their Quirks (their superpowers, if you haven’t seen the show), this game was made for MHA fans, and it’s damn impressive. My Hero: One’s Justice follows the same formula seen in the Naruto Ultimate Storm series. It’s a fighting game that lets players choose two assist characters to help them conquer the one-on-one battles. Filled with cinematic ultimate abilities, colorful movement and explosions, fans of anime game fighters will feel right at home. It’s utterly breathtaking. Pre-order now to receive Endeavor as a free bonus playable character.

One Piece: World Seeker – Come Aboard and Leave Your Compass Behind!

anime games

Although this game barely has any information, I decided to bring it up to get some hype going for it. One Piece: World Seeker! That’s right, the Strawhats are back and looking more stretchy than ever. The only difference is, this isn’t a typical fighting anime game like past One Piece games. It’s more like an open world adventure. I’ve seen it likened to both Spider-Man (2018) and Super Mario Odyssey. With no release date our only option is to patiently wait, watch the trailer a couple hundred times, and casually eat some devil fruit in the mean time.