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Where is Season 2 of Castlevania?


It’s been almost a year since we’ve seen our pals Alucard, Sypha and Trevor F****** Belmont. When is the next season of Castlevania dropping, Netflix!?

It’s summer! We want our Castlevania!

As an avid fan of the Castlevania series, words aren’t enough to describe how I felt when Netflix announced there would be an animated adaptation of the games.  Fast forward to the early morning of July 7th of last year and there I was, on my phone constantly refreshing the Netflix app until I was able to watch the show. Once again, I was absorbed by the delightfully dark world of Castlevania. I sat there entranced, anxiously watching all the events play out, leading up to the battle between Trevor and Alucard. The wait all these years had paid off. However, it left me wanting more.

The same day of its release, Netflix announced they would be renewing Castlevania for a second season, releasing Summer 2018. So where is it? Two weeks ago, Warren Ellis, writer of the Castlevania show, tweeted this out.

However, Powerhouse Animation teases BIG announcement

Yesterday, Powerhouse Animation Studios, one of the animation studios behind Castlevania, teased a big announcement later on in the week, celebrating the 1 year anniversary of the show. A RELEASE DATE perhaps?… Or even a trailer? For the love of all that is UNHOLY, please give us something!

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Stay tuned for more Castlevania news!